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The Tall City Pixel Foundry
Web Design and Digital Media in Midland, Texas

Aerial Video and Photo now available!


Welcome To The Tall City Pixel Foundry

We were founded in 2015 in order to better serve the digital media needs in West Texas. With over a decade of experience under their belts, our developers and artists are always up for a challenge. These days the only problem they really face is caffeine intake. We currently offer Web Design, Video Production and Editing, 2D/3D Graphic Design and Animation.

Our developers and designers know this area well because they were born and raised here. We know the Oil and Gas industry is one of the most cutting edge industries out there hands down. While a few old methods live forever, the technology is always evolving around it. The design and development industry also evoles at a break-neck speed

We strive to stay on top of current development and design trends. The more devices and formats your product can be seen on, means more potential sales and inquiries coming in.

Let us sit down with you to imagine content for your brand, custom tailored for your industry, based on what we know. Content that not only improves your search rankings, but sets you apart from your competitors online presence.

Once your site is live, we can help you track many analytical statistics to help you fine tune your content. With all of this combined, your company will soar to the top of Google search results helping increase viewers and potential sales.

When you need someone local, that can talk to you in person...instead of some tech support agent a thousand miles away... Look no further.

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Phone: 432-349-4849


We offer a variety of digital media services in the basin area:

  • Web Development

  • Website Maintainance

  • Aerial Photo and Videography

  • Logo Design

  • Print Design (Business Cards, Brochures, Apparel)

  • 2d / 3d Graphic Design

  • Videography

  • Video Editing

  • Industrial and Technical Animation

Contact The Tall City Pixel Foundry for all of your Digital Design needs.

Extra Life Logo We are livestreaming games weekly for Children's Miracle Network

All Proceeds go to MCH Hospital in Odessa, Texas.

24hr Live Game Day Event - Nov 5th 2016 starting at 8am


Getting Familiar With Web Design

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Or…How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Web Dev In this post we will cover the basic aspects of a modern website. My goal is to help illustrate the possibilities of your website and what to expect while building one. I will cover the entire pipeline from concept to final product. I have done my best to keep it short, but I wanted to cover all the important stuff. From the terms, to the entire development process I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re lost. As someone who faced learning web design the un-formal way, I[…Read More]

The Sky Is The Limit! (Aerial Video and Photo Now Available!)

08/05/2016 by Reed.Culver / 0 Comments

    Videography is my expertise, and Drones have opened the door for so many possibilities creativity wise. We are stepping into the Aerial game swinging, and we play for keeps. Any hobbyist can fly a drone around until the battery dies, and charge you some random hefty fee for some shaky unrefined footage. But here at the TCPF, we take film almost as serious as Football (Don’t get us started about FILMING LIVE FOOTBALL either…) We have 15 years of video editing experience, and have worked in the field on a professional level. Combined with a heavy background in 3d graphics[…Read More]

Welcome To The TCPF “BLOG”

by Reed.Culver / 0 Comments

Hello World, I thought it would be a good idea to host a “Blog” of sorts on the site to help keep the area in touch with the various industries and events in the area. I plan to write some informal info-graphics regarding Web Design, Cyber Security, Current Design Trends…and share a few things I have helped make along the way. Along with the other things that matter in this city. Charity events, Oil and Gas news, Local Events. I promise to keep the political things out though! There are enough places out there on the world wide web where[…Read More]

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